Lutetia Activist Leaders

Lutetia Activist Leaders - I USD - FR0013467511


NAV : 84.70 $ on 2022-05-31

Net Assets Under Management ("AUM") : 25.71M$

Category : Activist

Source: Lutetia Capital. Les chiffres cités ont trait aux années écoulées et les performances passées ne sont pas un indicateur fiable des performances futures.


The objective of the Fund is to achieve capital growth over the recommended investment period of 5 years through active management mainly in the American equity markets, and in particular in companies targeted by activist funds.


Through a dynamic strategy, the Fund is exposed to a basket of American stocks in which activist funds, identified as being the best performers by the management company and its advisor, have a stake. The objective is to take advantage of the strong potential growth in equities following an investment from these activist funds. Indeed, a company is the target of activist investors when its management is not efficient or when its level of profitability is not optimal. Thus, the minority shareholder can use his decision-making power to influence the direction of the company and make it more profitable. This is generally perceived by the market as a positive signal of short and long term outperformance.