Lutetia Merger Arbitrage - AIF

Lutetia Merger Arbitrage - AIF - F USD - IE00BF18QL09


NAV : 101.42 $ on 2022-04-29

Net Assets Under Management ("AUM") : 18.67M$

Category : Merger Arbitrage and SPACs

Source: Lutetia Capital. Les chiffres cités ont trait aux années écoulées et les performances passées ne sont pas un indicateur fiable des performances futures.


The Lutetia Merger Arbitrage Fund is a QIAIF registered in Ireland.

The fund seeks to deliver an absolute return uncorrelated from the markets over a recommended investment horizon of three years, by implementing a merger arbitrage strategy.

This fund may be run pari passu with the historical merger arbitrage portfolio in UCITS, with an increased exposure of 300% (long) in an effort to deliver enhanced returns, but investment strategy can differ significantly.



The merger arbitrage strategy of the fund is to invest primarily in North American and European stocks subject to definitive takeover bids.

The investment process combines proprietary quantitative models and fundamental analyses, with a strong focus on risk allocation and liquidity analysis.

The portfolio is comprised of 30 to 50 arbitrage situations, primarily in medium-to-large cap securities.