Private Equity

Our vision of Private Equity

Disruptive and innovative companies come along every so often to dramatically change the business landscape and our ways to operate. Lutetia Technology Partners aims to support such disruptive companies and help sustain their longer term vision and innovation risk, when the opportunity arises. 

Drawing on our network of experts and expertise in the digital transformation sector, we get access to a limited number of exceptional growth stage investment opportunities before the company goes public. We are in position to offer occasional co-investment opportunities, alongside our Partners.

Lutetia SPV I LLP

In March 2021, Lutetia Capital co-led with VC fund Ibex ( a $24.5m series C round in VAT Box, an Israeli AI powered fintech.

  • VATBox (, is an Israeli FinTech company set up in 2013 ($80m+ raised since inception from large investors including 2 well recognized VC’s: Viola and Target Global) that has developed a proprietary AI-based deep technology enabling businesses to deal with tax compliance challenges.

  • Using intelligent automation, VATBox helps large corporations gain actionable insights into their transactional data, empowering finance and tax professionals with full data integrity, tight compliance and optimal savings.

  • The company solution is already adopted and deployed globally by many Fortune 500 companies.

  • Lately, after 12 months of Tech Due Diligence, VATBox has signed a strategic global OEM partnership with SAP Concur (world leader in expenses with 35,000+ global clients and a salesforce strong of 3,500 employees). This strategic alliance together with few other channels are expected to provide VATBox with exponential growth of its revenues in the coming years.