Basic and applied research

Since its launch in 2009, Lutetia Capital has always put fundamental and applied research at the core of its business. The firm achieves this through the recruitment of young PhD’s and by building partnerships with leading laboratories and academic institutions.

Awarded in 2013 the "Young Innovative Company" Award by the French Ministry of Research for the quality and originality of its work, Lutetia Capital continues to rely on its research capabilities to manage its suite of niche investment strategies that offer compelling risk-reward characteristics.

Within this framework, Lutetia Capital is proud to be one of the main sponsors of the European Observatory of Financial Law (OEDF), which was created in 2018 to promote research in financial law and fill the gap between research and practice. This academic initiative is led by Professor Alain Pietrancosta, Director of the Financial Law Research Master at the Sorbonne University, and has three fpcus areas: fundamental research, organization of scientific events, and funding of scholarships, works and research awards.

Lutetia Capital has also been the instigator of the European Financial Law Observatory-Labex-Refi thesis prize rewarding the best European PhD thesis relative to financial law or regulation. The jury of this thesis prize is composed by the Scientific Council of Labex-Refi, a multidisciplinary research laboratory among the most recognized in Europe, created jointly by Cnam, Ena, Sorbonne University and ESCP Europe.




Lutetia Capital est devenue membre du pôle de compétitivité mondial Finance Innovation.


Lutetia Capital a reçu le statut de jeune entreprise innovante par le Ministère de l’enseignement supérieur et la Recherche pour la qualité et l’originalité de ses travaux.